Top 10 Reasons to Plan Your School Trip to Panama

January 2, 2020

Everything Panama has to offer.

Evolve Tours deeply immerses students into each location through educational experiences that promote social responsibility, global competency, leadership, and sustainable practices. Using Panama as an educational setting, students can delve into Panama’s colonial past, learn to speak and converse in Spanish with the locals, and explore the tastes, sounds, and jungles that make Panama unique. Here are the top ten reasons to plan your class trip to Panama.

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Top 10 reasons to plan your school trip to Panama:

  1. Panama Canal. An 82 km waterway built in the early 1900s has become one of the worlds most important trade routes. This is a great learning opportunity for innovation, economics, and trade.
  2. National Parks. Panama has set aside 29% of its land for conservation purposes, that includes national parks. Volcanoes, jungles, and islands can all be found and explored in Panama’s 76 protected areas.
  3. San Blas Islands. Off the Caribbean coast, the San Blas Islands are a network of 365 islands. They are also called home by the Guna Yala, an indigenous group of Panama.
  4. Boquete. Near Panama’s most famous volano, Volcan Baru, Boquete is a town in the Chiriqui Highlands of Western Panama. Access to the volcano is possible, but the climb can be difficult.
  5. Los Quetzales Trail. For a great biological learning experience hike the Quetzales Trail. Near Boquete, this trail let’s you explore first hand the biological diversity of Panama’s natural environment.
  6. Coffee Plantation. Panama is well known for its organic coffee plantations. Take the time to explore and learn more about the economic and historical impact of these plantations.
  7. Panama City. Panama’s capital city is chock full of sites to see: Casco Viejo for its colonial past, BioMuseo for its biological diversity, and the Teatro Nacional for its culture and music.
  8. Cloud Forests. Panama’s cloud forests run throughout the country. These tropical jungles host some of the most diverse flora and fauna anywhere in the world.
  9. Water Sports. Snorkel in the protected water of Isla Coiba, and see species not seen in any other place on earth. Surf the most beautiful beaches in the world that line Panama’s coasts.
  10. Zip-lining. If adventure is what your students seek, Panama has several tree canopy zip-line tours through its vast system of jungles.

So concludes the top 10 reasons to plan your school trip to Panama. Sound like a destination that’s perfect for your educational trip? We’d love to help you start planning! CLICK HERE to get in touch with us and get started.

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