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Words of wisdom from where we’ll wander in 2022

February 11, 2022

We’ve compiled a list of famous quotes, proverbs and words of travel wisdom from some of the countries we’ll visit with groups in 2022. What wisdom will you gain on your next trip?


es preciso abrirse paso entre envidia y mezquindades y burlando tempestades, dedicarse ya a estudiar.

It is necessary to break through envy and pettiness and, outwitting storms, dedicate oneself to study.

–  Matilde Hidalgo


La vérité vaut bien qu’on passe quelques années sans la trouver. 

Truth is more valuable if it takes you a few years to find it.

–  Jules Renard

Costa Rica

Cuando yo canto los que me escuchan sienten. Y lloran porque se dan cuenta de que todavía son capaces de sentir. A pesar de los males del mundo.

When I sing, those who listen to me feel. And they cry because they realize that they are still capable of feeling. Despite the evils of the world.

–  Chavela Vargas


Hay que sentir el pensamiento y pensar el sentimiento

You have to feel the thought, and think the feeling.

–  Miguel de Unamuno


I was bork to make mistakes not to fake perfection.

– Drake


Enamórate de ti. De la vida. Y luego de quien tú quieras.

Fall in love with yourself. With life. And later with whoever you want.

– Frida Kahlo


In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in

– Paddington Bear


Ofleyfingjarnir bregðask mér mest

Those who get praised most loudly, disappoint me the most

–  From the Grettis saga


They say the clouds are lower in Ireland … I say Ireland is closer to Heaven
– Michael Vatis


Mai te mea e, e tu’ati oe i ta oe matie i na i’a e piti, e ora ïa raua toopiti atoa ra.

If you aim your spear at two fish, both will escape.

–  Tahitian proverb

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