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Mt. Shasta Elemental Empowerment Experience for Students

May 3, 2023

Student travel doesn’t always have to be international in order to create an impact or memorable experience. In our own cities and towns we have so many options that we often overlook.

This unique experience is designed to help students reconnect with nature from within. It offers an opportunity to engage in holistic health and reconnection practices, participate in authentic and meaningful communications,  and empower each other. Students and Teachers will also have the chance to reset and replenish their mind, body, spirit, and nervous system.

One of the most powerful aspects of this experience is the reminder that we are not separate from nature – we are nature. By embracing this truth, students will learn to activate their strengths and build harmony within themselves and with the rest of the group.

The activities included in this nature experience are diverse and engaging. Each day starts with a morning ritual and activation embodying the elements from within. The personal development workshops and activations include yoga, breathwork, qi gong, elemental movement, deep body meditation, and more. These practices are designed to help you connect with yourself, your breath, and your body in a profound way.

In addition to these individual practices, there are also  bonding activities, including authentic communication and team orientation workshops. We will also have the chance to explore the natural beauty of the area with a waterfall hike and swimming, a lava tube exploration, and a climb up a mountain for stunning panoramic views of Mt. Shasta. You’ll also have plenty of time to connect with the beauty of Mt. Shasta itself.

Throughout the experience, there will be daily intention setting and integration ceremonies, as well as journal prompts, reflection times, and activities to facilitate deepening connection with yourself, nature, and the team.

By the end of the 4-day nature experience, students will leave feeling empowered, clearer, and stronger in themselves and as part of the collective group.

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