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Community Service

Locally-supported, culturally integrated, meaningful & interactive community service projects around the globe.


Trips for Credits

Earn credits during the summer and during march break on trips around the world.


Educational Trips

Class Trips and Tours for school groups across Canada, the United States and around the world.



When we are able to communicate, we exponentially increase our ability to listen to more stories and find greater empathy for our fellow, global citizens. Evolve Tours Language Programs focus on language learning and acquisition with a particular emphasis on verbal communication.


History / Geography

Our History and Geography Programs include historical excursions, reminding students of the power of understanding our past, present and future. They will explore historical sites and walk the diverse paths of their ancestors, leading to new discoveries about themselves.


Music & Arts

Our Music and Arts Programs welcome novice and expert artists and enthusiasts alike.  Students attend local workshops, concerts and drama performances and often have the opportunity to perform themselves!  We visit theaters, studios, museums and concert venues while simultaneously engaging in authentic conversation and collaborative art and music-making!



Our hands-on Science and Discovery Programs invite students to explore and research their surrounding environment. Onshore, we adventure through the forest and the jungle, the desert and the plains, learning about and investigating local flora and fauna.  Offshore, we study aquatic life and the relationship between all ecosystems.


Service Learning

On our Service Learning Programs, students work alongside local community members supporting their efforts to fulfill the greatest needs of the community. Our “service” model is one of reciprocation.  As we support another community, we are also learning invaluable skills to bring home to our own, local communities.



On our Sports Programs, athletes understand the value of teamwork and leadership while learning about different training techniques and methodologies from around the world. These trips are a perfect way for teams to train in the preseason or offseason.



Traveling as a family is something we all look forward to doing. Meaningful experiences are what we want to help you and your family create. Those life changing experiences while travelling are what shape the present and future of you and your children.


Solo Traveler

Traveling alone allows you to be the in-charge of your experiences. It is an experience of ultimate freedom. You can choose to satisfy your every desire, challenge yourself, meet new friends and indulge culture.


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