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Meet Sam

November 5, 2015

Sam is our veteran tour leader from England who loves to salsa dance. We asked him about his favourite trips and here’s what he had to say…




Tell us about yourself!

So far, where are all the cool places you’ve travelled to?

I have been blessed and privileged to have traveled 5 continents and 29 countries but having a love of adventure my top three are: Tip of Borneo, Sahara Desert, and Galapagos.

Where are you craving to go to next?

I have to experience Australia/New Zealand and paddle around a glacier in Antarctica.

What are your packing essentials for a trip?

Being a wilderness responder i prefer to be prepared which is why I typically pack five essential items. First Aid kit (always make your own up specific to where you’re going), Life Saver water bottle (drink water anywhere enough said), swiss army knife (just not in your carry on), camera (and a good lense), and a hand full of cash (from unexpected airport and customs fees to just needing a meal and a warm drink. Cash will always get you there faster and often cheaper than a credit card.)

You will most likely be spotted on a destination doing…

If my destination is waterfront I immediately head there. Then find a good looking coffee shop. Always good to find other travelers and locals to show you the top spots!



Samuel staffed an Evolve Tours trip to Vietnam.

Tell us about your recent trip!

What was your favourite activity?

I had a great high school group that was up for a challenge. A great highlight was snorkeling in Nha Trang in the South China Sea.

What was the best thing you ate on this trip?

Pho for breakfast. Who doesn’t love to start everyday with hot spicy soup!

Tell us a story! Any embarrassing/funny/memorable moments with your students and teachers?

In a country with such a mosaic blend of influences, as Vietnam has both in its history and more recently through the boom and influence of globalization, it was fun to see a group of high school students from Ontario taking centre stage with a pickup game of rugby.

My group consisting of several members of the high school rugby team and an adventures group decided that after climbing the pagoda in Ha-Long Bay, the purpose to which all other tourists were there for. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful white sand beach and ocean. Amongst the panting tourist in their knee high socks and selfie sticks we had a great game of touch rugby with many onlookers and only a couple of bruises.

What’s your #1 advice for those who have never been to this destination?

When in Vietnam plan to take a nap. Wake up before 5 am and you will experience a sight in the city of peaceful music playing through loudspeakers and hundreds upon hundreds doing different forms of stretching. Explore during the cooler hours of the morning. Head back to your bed for the heat of the day. Most stores pack up anyways. And be prepared for a great evening of hustle of night markets, bustle of many people and smells, and finally,  be ready to try some delicious delicacies.

One more thing…Do you have a favourite travel motto you live by?

Get lost in nature and you will find yourself.




If you want to find out more about Sam’s trip to Vietnam, make sure to check out our Vietnam itinerary.

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