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Uganda – Service Learning & Experience

January 11, 2017

Meaningful Uganda service learning, cultural immersion, safaris and wildlife in Uganada.

Uganda is stunningly green and boasts an impressive wildlife population. The country has quite a low GDP, making it a particularly worthwhile service learning destination, but what they lack in money they make up for in heart and warmth.

Learn about the history of the East African country – colonialism, dictatorship, and modern day culture and politics- and Africa in general. Participate in meaningful cultural and service learning exchange with local school groups. Take in the abundance of wildlife and natural beauty in the country’s national park(s).

Trip highlights include:

  • Volunteer in a nursery school and vocational school, working in restoration and light construction
  • Work alongside vocational school students being trained in carpentry and bricklaying
  • Work alongside teachers and students on the 8 school Income Generating Activities: piggery, poultry, goats, fish farm, crop farm, tree nursery, carpentry and tailoring products
  • Visit local villages and communities and learn new skills from locals ie soap making, basket weaving, paper bead jewelry making
  • Visit Murchison Falls National Park: 2 day Safari to photograph the Big 5 animals
  • Participate in cultural immersion activities with local families and students
  • Explore the cultural sites in capital city of Kampala and shop for local artifacts

Meaningful Uganada service, cultural immersion, safaris and wildlife in Uganda. Your next service learning school trip to Uganda will be life changing

  • Official Name – Republic of Uganda
  • Uganda’s Official Motto – “For God and my County.”
  • President of Uganda – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni since 1982
  • Capital – Kampala – Capital as a British Protectorate was Entebbe
  • Uganda gained Independence from Britain in 1962 (it was not a British Colony like Kenya but a Protectorate)
  • Uganda’s official nickname is the Pearl of Africa
  • Major Languages – English (Official), Swahili (Official), Luganda and various Bantu and Nilotic Languages
  • Area – 241,038 Square Kilometers – 93,072 Square Miles
  • Major Religions – Christianity and Islam, Animist
  • Population is about 37.5 Million (estimated)
  • Life Expectancy – 54 years for Men – 55 years for women
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