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5 Top Hiking Spots in Central and South America

April 23, 2015


Hiking is a great way to see a country.






There’s tons of reasons!


Hiking gets your leg muscles moving, your heart rate climbing, and your lungs training. It increases your cardio-vascular fitness, and muscle strength together at once. It helps to make you a healthier individual – both in the short run, and the long.





Well… Hiking not only gets you active, it also teaches you patience and  perseverance while reducing stress. If you’re an avid hiker, you know that the next time you see a high mountain peek – you’ll see it as an opportunity, not as an aggravating challenge. Next time someone tells you that you have “only 7km to go” you can look forward to your leisurely march, and not speed through it to the end. Hiking teaches you to enjoy the walk, and to enjoy the moment– as many hours as that may be.



It is a great physical activity, a great mental practice, and..


Wait.. theres STILL an “And”?


Of course! Hiking ALSO gets you appreciating nature and the outdoors. It lets you appreciate the beautiful scenery while you learn about your surroundings and the many wonders of this planet (that are not nearly as impressive as when we see them behind a computer screen let me add)



Okay I’m convinced. Let’s go hiking. So…Where to?


Great! Here’s a list of some of the Top Hiking Spots  if you’re planning on embarking on a “high-paced stroll” in the Southern Hemisphere

5 Top Hiking Spots in Central and South America

1.  If you’re going to be in Costa Rica, we recommend setting aside time for at least 2 hikes in the Tropical Rainforest. It is important to see both the primary and secondary forests of this region. A comparison of the two can serve as a great learning tool towards the encouragement of sustainable living, and zones in on subjects like forest rehabilitation and impeding environmental concerns.


“Primary Forests” are considered forested area which has been untouched, remaining in its pristine original condition.

“Secondary Forests” is the name given to a forest which has been altered, tampered with in one way or another – be it naturally or unnaturally.


2. Planning a trip to Peru? Venture to the famous Machu picchu and explore this iconic Inca city located in the Andes mountains





3. If you are visiting Belize, take a stop to hike in the Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve. This forest has well-maintained trails and is designed to protect some of the world’s endangered creatures ….say the jaguar as one example!

And hey, if you are in Belize anyway you had BETTER NOT skip the Mayan Ruins in Caracol — and then hike to the bottom of Big Rock Falls while you’re at it!



4. Patagonia Colonia Valley

Take a hike 4 hours up this glacial valley bound by 8000 foot peaks.




5. Going to EcuadorHike to the base of Chimborazo Volcano for a breathtaking view that beats nothing you have ever seen before.

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